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SMART Co. Ltd., founded in 1993 by Mr. Kevin Chen has always focused on one thing: SMART DESIGNING. Since the first day SMART is using a strong team of engineers for improving products and setting new standards in light technology.
Mr. Kevin Chen:
"QUALITY & DESIGN is the "secret" of the success of SMART - since 1993! Only the combination of
  • industrial designer (for smart looking)
  • electronic engineers (for smart function)
  • mechanical engineers (for smart production)
results in a product, which makes you successful! We made this to our company rule # 1"
SMART is doing successfully business since 1993, but re-invest most of the profit in High-tech production technology & test equipment for futher improvements of the products. The nearness to the market is another very important factor of the success of SMART.
"We listen to our partner, but sometimes also teach them - it results in success for both!" (Mr. Kevin Chen)
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Friedrichshafen, Deutschland
Donnerstag, 30. August bis
Sonntag, 02. September 2007
Halle B3 Stand 504

Taipei Cycle
Taipei, Taiwan
Samstag, 24. bis
Dienstag, 27. März 2007
Stand D225, D227, D126, D128
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